Driver Information

Everything you need to know about racing in the MG Trophy Championship.
2024 MG Trophy Regulations Final – These are the Motorsport UK technical regulations.
Not raced before? A check list to help you get started.
MG Trophy Registraion form – The form you’ll need to use to register for the Championship.
The Trophy Driving Standards (TDS).
Tyre Seal Check Sheet – Use this to keep a tally on your tyre usage during the season.
Sticker Order Form – Use this form to order your stickers.
Sticker Positioning Guide – A check of what goes where.
Towing hooks information.
Ballast Fitting Instructions – Instructions for fitting ballast.
Specification of alternative Connecting Rods.
Instructions to upgrade a PG1 gearbox for class A (190) use.
Gearbox Seals – Which bolts to drill.
Specification for alternative Wiring Harness.
Specification of 190 alternative engine & gearbox.
Specification of 190 exhaust system.
Build costs for ZR 170 race car
Patrick Booth In Car Camera Guide.
Engine Seals – Which bolts to drill?
Details on skimming cylinder heads.