MG Trophy

One of the UK’s best and most enjoyable single make club championships


Top Competition

In recent years the MG Trophy Championship has produced a number of drivers who have gone on to higher levels of motorsport with ex Trophy driver Jack Goff competing in the BTCC having won the Clio Cup in 2012.

Cost Effective

With regulations designed to keep costs to a minimum (eg sealed engines and gearboxes, max 15 new tyres in a season, etc), the series is suitable for both novice and experienced drivers.

Road to Race

With Three classes covering from Class C – Race prepared road car to Class A – full race prepared ZR190 running slicks.

Friendly and helpful off track, and highly competitive on track, it’s undoubtedly one of the most cost effective single make club championships in the UK.

Every year we raise money for our chosen charity. For 2023 the drivers have voted to support Autism Early Support, and every car will carry Autism Early Support stickers. More information can be found here